Dear Valued Customer,

Bottom line first: We are keeping our people safe while maintaining strong inventory levels. At this time we have experienced minimal supply chain disruptions.

Thank you for your patience during this challenging and evolving situation regarding the global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. At Pressure Connections valuing people is one of our core values. Therefore, the well being of our employees, customers, and supply chain partners is within our top priorities and governs our decisions around COVID-19.

We are following the precautionary guidelines and restrictions established by CDC, WHO, and local governments in an effort to do our part in slowing the spread of the virus across the regions where our facilities are located. Additionally, we have implemented various interventions, including the following practices at our locations:

  • Diligent cleaning and sanitizing
  • Ensured our staff understands the importance of prevention and staying home if they are sick
  • Self-quarantined our traveling team members for two weeks
  • Deployed many office staff to work remotely and reduced exposure to our warehouse staff

Fortunately, we had strong inventory levels prior to the outbreak so the actual COVID impact has been somewhat limited thus far. Currently, we have seen a 4% increase in stock-out risk relative to the norm with a significantly smaller increase for customers who have stocking agreements in place. We are doing our part to help flatten the curve, keep our associates safe and continue serving our customers.

We will keep you posted regarding any government restrictions that may impact our ability to serve you.

Thank you for your business and stay safe in the constantly evolving COVID-19 world!


Pressure Connections Corp Executive Leadership Team

J. M. Hawthorne - CEO

Patrick J. Hawthorne - Finance

Charles T. Ridley - Operations 

Travis A. Adams - Sales & Marketing



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